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From the same company that’s brought music aficionados of nearly every genre closer together via music academies, reggae-style soundclashes, DJ competitions, documentaries, and interviews comes classical music and breakdancing fusion concept Flying Bach.

Looks pretty sweet right? We’re here to hook you up with tickets to see the show! Enter the contest below for a chance at two tickets to see this amazing project live and in person. You can enter the contest by completing the tasks below in the giveaway widget. Each item is worth a certain amount of entries, so we encourage you to do them all and be engaged. Good luck!

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Think Bach and breakdance don’t go together? In Red Bull Flying Bach, The Flying Steps dance to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier in a one-of-a-kind, innovative adaptation that breaks down the barriers between high society and urban culture. The story follows six dancers and one teacher, rehearsing for their big day. Arguments, fights, disappointments and delights — just like the highs and lows of the notes, the moods and steps of the dancers change constantly. But their teacher is pushing them, pushing the boundaries to make it work. As a mysterious woman enters the rehearsal room, the conflicts climax: contemporary dance meets breakdance, man meets woman, desire meets refusal, and arrogance meets curiosity.

For the first time ever, Red Bull Flying Bach brings its clash of cultures to Washington D.C. for 4 performances at the Warner Theatre from January 6-8:

Friday, Jan 06 – Doors at 8:00pm EST

Saturday, Jan 07 – Doors at 5:00pm EST

Saturday, Jan 07 – Doors at 8:00pm EST

Sunday, Jan 08 – Doors at 1:00pm EST (Matinee)

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