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It’s friday again and we’re back with another great week of content here at One Love Massive. Here’s the latest podcast episodes from the OLM Creative Factory and featured tracks we’ve been listening to.


MUSIC ON THE MASSIVE: VibeHaus Radio EP. 2: Mix By Whitney AbstraKt

Today’s Music On The Massive is particularly special, this week we have collective member Scolla and His crew, mixed by another collective member, Whitney Abstrakt on VibeHaus Radio. Thats right, today you get to listen to two of our very own collective members in one place.

Vibe House Radio is a mix show featuring different Djs and styles of music, definitely a good channel if you wanna find some new music so make sure to check it out as well.

Follow Scolla and Whitney Abstrakt.


Insert Name Here Ep IV

President Trump announced the United States will be exiting the Paris Climate Accords. We investigate what this means for energy policy going forward and whether this is part of a larger trend that has less to do with the environment and more to do with conservatives reversing 8 years of policy.

MORON OR ASSHOLE: Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher

Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher came under fire this past week for their blunt attitudes toward the Trump administration. We ask if they are out of their depth, what this means for art and free speech, and whether the outrage machine had any creedence.

Ian and his wife welcomed a child into the world!

A stand up comedy bit by Russell Howard in 2014 where he tells a story about a young boy whose dying wish was to meet him.

Get Fed Episode 22: Egg In My McMuff


1. A popular pop-up restaurant in Chicago is currently making its way to Los Angeles. The pop-up, which is themed after the 90’s series ‘Saved By the Bell,’ has all of the classic decor from the diner featured in the show alongside specialty items like the Lisa Turtle Shake and the A.C. Sliders.

2. A high school graduate got accepted into Yale based on an essay she wrote about her undying love for Papa John’s pizza. The graduate got the attention of the popular delivery chain which led to her getting a free pizza party on their tab along with pizza swag – despite her choice to attend Auburn instead.

3. A Salt Lake City based food blogger, known for her specialty baking skills, is currently suing Food Network for reparations after they allegedly stole her IP posted on Instagram in 2014.

4. Blue Apron went public this week. The home cooking delivery chain is now worth over 2 billion and continues to grow having tapped into a marketplace hungry for good food at a decent price point that can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Because last week was National Donut Day, we list our favorite types of donuts and follow it up with some serious food porn by crafting a dream donut on the spot.


This week, zacheser and Marcus eat the classic Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s as redemption for last week’s bastard child of a breakfast. Can they stomach the eggy eggness though?



This week we had two articles by photographer Kate Toth as she covered City And Colour  and Slightly Stoopid‘s tour dates in the DMV.

We also had a movie review of the Mummy reboot by collective member Zacheser, make sure to check it out as well.

Last but not least, Wednesdays With Andrew is back for it’s second week on One Love Massive check out the new playlist and read what Andrew had to say about it here.

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