Wednesdays With Andrew: You are going to hate this



Why hello there. Welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock. Today, I discover a new ingredient in Budweiser, talk fashion, and make a music (music video) video.

OHHH yeah, we also play dope ass tunes from the likes of Pegboy, Rancid, Hot Snakes, The Vandals, H2O and more. Go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:


  1. Johnny Twobags by The Vandals
  2. Crane Fist by Rancid
  3. Death Camp Fantasy by Hot Snakes
  4. Through my fingers by Pegboy
  5. Gutter by Los Kung Fu Monkeys
  6. You are going to hate this by The Frights
  7. Family Tree by H2O
  8. Houses made for mannequinis by Flag of Democracy
  9. Little dark age by MGMT

Oh here’s something new! Check out the SoundCloud version of #WWA, for all you cool cats. And for all my Spotify spinners, here’s that link. You can 

Go check out the newest track from The Frights, Valentine’s Sux.

Check out this video, which shows why whatever generation I am in can’t have nice dumb things.

Catch ya next week!



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