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Welcome to the latest Wednesdays With Andrew, robopeople, and thanks for stopping by! Strap in, cos we have a lot of ground to cover, from Kanye West to dentists to abortion jokes, and so much more.  And, most importantly, we play awesome tunes from bands like Pennywise (new stuff!), Adolescents, PEARS, Teen Idols (not Idles), The Impossibles, Gnarwolves and more. Go listen NOW:

And for those of you who prefer web players, I don’t get you, but I got you.

Liner notes:


  1. Eightball by The Impossibles
  2. American lies by Pennywise
  3. On the regular by Shamir
  4. English Kids by Gnarwolves
  5. Marijuanaut’s Theme by Sleep
  6. Misery conquers the world by PEARS
  7. She got arrested by The Interrupters
  8. 20 below by Teen Idols
  9. Amoeba by Adolescents

Go check out Human Movement (PEARS/Direct Hit! split) here.

Oh, fake W ….

Go show British punk trio Gnarwolves some love, here. See what they’re up to, and if they’re playing in a locale convenient to you soon!  

If you’re too lazy to Google the Michelle Wolf speech, fine, here you go


k, byyyyyyeeeee

Pennywise Dance GIF


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