Wednesdays With Andrew: Screw the perfect people



Hey there Wednesday warriors, and welcome to the latest episode from #WednesdaysWithAndrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock. 

This week we feature a lot of cool artists, including Propagandhi, Screw 32, Pennywise, Soul Coughing, Diet Cig, Goober Patrol and more. I also come up w/ a new game, talk about about an upcoming Mike Park project, give you deets on my neighbor (wut?), and confess to a longtime addiction I have been struggling with….90s skate punk.

Go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:


  1. Perfect People by Pennywise
  2. …and we thought that nation states were a bad idea by Propagandhi
  3. Bite back by Diet Cig
  4. I’ll do without by Goober Patrol
  5. Hipocrecia by La Resistencia
  6. Take a piece of all that’s good by Ogikubo Station
  7. Broken by Screw 32
  8. Dirty Shirley by The Split Seconds
  9. Antares by Tone
  10. The Bug by Soul Coughing

For everyone who hates me and my website, fine, here is the web player link.

Alright strap in for a whole lotta band links below…

Anyone else as excited as I am for Mike Park’s newest musical contribution? Make sure to follow along on Ogikubo Station’s facebook page to stay in the know. Release date is August 24, people!

Here’s Diet Cig! Go give their songs a whirl, and say whaddup

Go check out the repertoire for The Split Seconds, and let ’em know you think they kick ass. 

Go here to listen to neighbor Gregg’s seminal DC sludge post-rock band, Tone

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