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Welcome to the latest episode of #WednesdaysWithAndrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock. Now serving affordable iced tea!

On this week’s episode, I ramble on incoherently on a host of topics, ranging from cults to East Bay hardcore in the 80s to Hellenistic dynasty rivalries to strange weather phenomena and all the way back to cults again. Oh and OF COURSE I play some dope tunes from the likes of Screw 32, Zero Boys, Lifetime, The Clash, System of a Down and more. Go checks it out, NOW:

Liner notes:

*editor’s note: yes I know the Caps lost last night. Yes, I still think they’ll win the series. Yes, I still think they’re “fucking killing it”

Here’s the link to the web player if you’re really trying hard to avoid my website.


  1. Painless by Screw 32
  2. New Sun by Long Beach Dub Allstars
  3. Julies been working for the drug squad by The Clash
  4. Two Kevins by Cigar
  5. Marks to prove it by The Maccabees
  6. Can’t think about it now by Lifetime
  7. Soil by System of a Down
  8. livin’ in the 80s by Zero Boys
  9. 212 by Azealia Banks

This is me cleaning out the drain at the height of Monday night’s derecho to stop my stupid basement from stupid flooding: 

Keep sendin’ happy thoughts to the Washington Capitals, they are fucking killing it

Alright that’s a wrap folks. You’ll hear me next Wednesday. Stay weird

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