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Happy Wednesday, schnookums, and welcome to a very special episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your one-stop shop for all things punk (and punkish) rock. 

This week we are excited to welcome Dennis Jagard, of Ten Foot Pole fame, on the show to dish on a variety of topics…from 7 Seconds calling it quits to future projects Dennis is scheming up to healthcare and education (wait, what?) and all the way to how he got a funny nickname from Prince.

And while we’re at, we’ll listen to some incredible tunes from 7 Seconds, Blur and…of course…the majestic Ten Foot Pole!

So what are you waiting for?? Go listen, NOW:

Here’s the web player link for any of you dummies that prefer that format.

Liner notes:

FULL DISCLOSURE – I do not want the #WWA DIY audio quality of the phone interview to reflect poorly on the amazing audio engineering work that Denny does professionally. Potato phone interview, poorly edited by me. You get what you pay for, folks! 

Support hard-working artists…go buy Ten Foot Pole’s latest album, Setlist, here.

Keep up to date with TFP’s upcoming release, tour dates and other goodies on their Facebook page.

Read Kevin Seconds’ announcement here, and keep following him (and all the other dudes in 7 Seconds) as they embark on future projects


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