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Captain’s log, Stardate…uuhhh…episode 94 – the world is becoming increasingly concrete. But still listening to punk (and punkish!) rock on Wednesdays. 

This week we encounter some bodacious tunes from bands like Deviates, Bigwig, Burning Heads, Twisted Wheel, Spoon, Sex Pistols and more. If anyone out there is receiving this, godpseed. And go listen to the podcast, uuuhhh, NOW:

Fine, here’s the link to the streaming player..

Liner notes:


  1. Holidays in the Sun by Sex PIstols
  2. You stole the sun by Twisted Wheel
  3. Hot thoughts by Spoon
  4. Jerk by Bigwig
  5. When it comes to you by Dead Ghosts
  6. There for me by Deviates
  7. Not guilty by Burning Heads
  8. Future mixtape for the art kids by Beach Slang
  9. Let’s have a kiki by Scissor Sisters

Man I am really phoning this one in. But hey, here are links to some bands you may enjoy, go give ’em a listen and a shout:

             Dead Ghosts

             Beach Slang

Go see what the crazy dudes in Burning Heads are up to 30 years later!

Welp I guess that’s it, later yolks

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