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Happy Halloween, my pranksters and gangsters, and welcome to Wednesdays With Andrew. If you haven’t already OD’d on candy, I can help you out with some sweet and salty punk tunes for your ear holes.

What did you all dress up as this year? I went as Evil Morty…I was kinda surprised at how few people got it. I even paper mache’d my own portal gun and everything, it was dope.

This week’s podcast features tunes from the likes of Rise Against, Demob Happy, Cherry Glazerr, Chronic Sick, Guttermouth, boysetsfire and more.


Liner notes/bibliography

For all the rude boys and girls that ARE TOO SCARED OF ME, and just want the tunes and not my opinions or reactions…here is the web player link to listen on your platform of choice.

Tracklist below:

  • Be Your Man by Demob Happy
  • Rookie by boysetsfire
  • Sip O’ Poison by Cherry Glazerr
  • Dress Code by Chronic Sick
  • 7 ts by Guttermouth
  • Spud like torso by Guttermouth
  • Ringworm by Blank Side
  • Six Ways Til Sunday by Rise Against
  • Welcome to the Breakdown by Rise Against

Get all you can eat Demob Happy here

Check out the nutty dudes of Blank Side here

buh bye

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