Wednesdays With Andrew: Rock & Roll Bullshit



Well, we have a lot of 2018 left to get through…but so far, so good!

Welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock. We have some awesome tunes lined up, including songs from Government Issue, Naked Raygun, Teenage Bottlerocket, Sebadoh, A Giant Dog, Dag Nasty and more….so go get crackin’ below:


Liner notes:

If you like Wednesdays but not Andrew, here’s the music-only web player link for you to enjoy on your listenin’ platform of choice


  1. Soldier’s Requiem by Naked Raygun
  2. You Don’t Want to Know by Adolf & the Piss Artists
  3. All the Best Things by Chemical People
  4. Crystal Giypsy by Sebadoh
  5. Rock & Roll Bullshit by Government Issue
  6. Under Your Influence by Dag Nasty
  7. Party in the USA by Loud Boyz
  8. Thee Populist by PLRLS
  9. Sleep When Dead by A Giant Dog
  10. Dead Saturday by Teenage Bottlerocket

Read Steve Albini’s quirky proposal to produce Nirvana’s In Utero.

Here’s that Patti LaBelle video I was yappin’ about…WHERE MY BACKGROUND SINGERS?!

Check out the music and all the great things A Giant Dog are up to on their Facebook page

Sidenote: Dave Smalley, if you’re reading this…it sounds like I pronounced your name “Smelly” not “Smalley” Apologies. Its just my fancy accent.



annnnnnnnnnnd for anyone who REALLY wanted Miley’s Party in the USA….fine.

See ya in a couple weeks, DC.


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