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Howdy there people, and welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, the #1 trending punk rock-specific podcast in Botswana for 2 days running!

And I want to also wish you a very happy birthday! Wait, it’s not your birthday? Really? I thought you and I shared the same birthday.

Also, also – thank baby fucking jesus that the MS-13 guy won VA’s gubernatorial election. We narrowly dodged a mini-Trump bullet there folks.

Alright let’s get cracking with some punk rock tunes. This week presents us with a plethora of good shit, including tunes from Svetlanas, Pennywise, T. Rex, NOFX, Black Flag and more. Check it out below!

Liner notes/bibliography

For all you people that are averse to podcasts and want just the music…don’t fret, I got you. Here is the web player link to listen on your platform of choice.


Linoleum by NOFX

Obsessed With You by X-Ray Spex

A.N.U.S. by Nihiloceros

Crimson Carpets by Drakulas

Jeepster by T. Rex

Fuck Authority by Pennywise

Lose Control by Svetlanas

Slip It In by Black Flag

Check out the trailer for the (hopefully) upcoming documentary on Poly Styrene, here

Go check out Nihiloceros’ website, and see where they’re playing near you, here: www.Nihiloceros.com

Here’s the link to that silly Black Flag music video.

Later gators

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