We May Lose Our Quarterback


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I’m from Virginia. But when sports are involved, I’m DCasF*CK. So needless to say, scare deeply about what happens with the Washington Redskins. The biggest thing we have to worry about is whether or not we are gonna have our QB next year. Kirk Cousins, Captain Kirk, Mr. ‘You Like That’, whatever you may call him, he’s our quarterback. He’s a key part to the team we have and I don’t want to lose him. and here’s why I think we might.

Yes, it’s very possible the team may franchise tag him (again), but he’s broken a bunch of records this year, so he’s probably going to ask for a contract; and a BIG ONE. Rightfully so, given he’s been right up there with the elite QBs still playing in the league today in terms of yardage and completions. But it’s possible despite all of that the Redskins may not want to pay him. Because of the “he may or may not be elite” conversation. He may not be elite, but is he better than everything we’ve had in the last 15 years and he’s YOUNG and hot right now.

Also, with the all the coaches slowly gaining and losing jobs, one of the biggest contenders for a head coaching position is Kyle Shanahan, our former Offensive Coordinator. If all things are good between the QB and Shanahan, he may just want to cut all ties and go where he goes. Pending his hiring, of course.

Incentives to stay on the team are also decreasing. due to cap room, we are going to lose one of two of our top receivers; Pierre Garçon or DeSean Jackson. We can’t afford to pay both. There’s also talks of Jackson’s former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is interested in bringing him back. My personal choice? I’d pay Jackson over Garcon. Jackson’s deep threat allows other receivers like Reed and Crowder to get open in the middle. We have the new kid Doctson, but he hasn’t been healthy to fully see what he can do at the National level. and Crowder can basically do what Garcon does. Almost better.

I really hope we don’t lose Captain Kirk. I honestly don’t see what other options we have. Colt hasn’t proved to be more than a good backup ever, and I’ve never even heard of Nate Sudfeld. We can draft a QB and pray for 2017 Das Prescott, but how often does that happen? My Thoughts? We stick with we what we got. HTTR.

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