Watch an Entire 2013 Nine Inch Nails Concert



It seems as though it’s all anyone could talk about for the last few months: Nine Inch Nails, back on the road, and blazing away with a life altering live show. Always a band interested in the use and embrace of technology, NIN teamed up with VEVO to promote their upcoming live DVD of the event in the most sensible way anyone in the industry has done yet: By streaming it on youtube, absolutely free. Yup. You got it. While you wait for the pre-order of the DVD to be announced, which will be a tangible collector’s item, with all sorts of rad extras, you can watch the entire show now to get excited. So, on this lazy Sunday, re-live the awesome intensity of the recent Nine Inch Nails tour, by watching the entire Los Angeles, November 8th stop, right now:

copy of a
march of the pigs
all time low
came back haunted
in two
the big come down
the hand that feeds
head like a hole
even deeper
while i’m still here

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