WALKER & ROYCE – Moonlight Regatta EP



As we’ve mentioned more than once around these parts, we’re big fans of new Trouble & Bass imprint, Safer at Night. This housed sibling label has been knocking out the afters vibes with its first few releases, and the newest drop is some of their best so far. Walker & Royce’s Moonlight Regatta EP is like being gently kissed by a switchblade. It takes the soulful feel of house music and combines it with everything from stone cold deep dub synths to the acidity of the 303. These tracks can move from somber isolation to uplifting on a dime, but never from a schizophrenic place.

Walker & Royce start out cold with Disappear, letting a barren landscape warmup only via an analogue bassline and some smokey vocals. The title track Moonlight Regatta goes in with a complexity of progressive bass sounds and acid melodies that hover in and out of the shadows until an almost ravey synth line brings it into the sun. Per their set standard, Safer at Night sees Walker and Royce heading into the sunset via an ambient number titled Iron Stan. Layering thick synth lines, the duo crafts beatless rhythms under haunting vocals that draw the listener in.

All in all this some top notch house music for those tired of formulaic house music. Kudos to both Safer at Night and Walker and Royce for this solid Moonlight Regatta release.

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