DJ Mike Phillipz

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Mike Phillipz


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DJ Mike Phillipz: Head Podcast Engineer

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Mike Phillipz is a native of Washington, DC. He was Raised in the southeast Capitol Hill neighborhood right across the street from the Navy Yard and the Marine Barracks. As a kid growing up in this neighborhood he heard the sounds of Marine Corps band, the presidents own, and Hines Junior High School and Easton Senior High School bands. He eventually became a top player in his junior high school band and high school play band as a Tuba player/Sousaphone player.

Mike wanted a career in music so he DJ’d at local high schools, colleges and house parties, which led him to start DJ’ing at major clubs such as H2O, Zanzabar, Bar Seven and the famous Republic Gardens, as well as helping build the reputation at Café Asia. As a DJ, Mike Phillipz has spun for the likes of Wale, Tabi Bonney and Kahlil and is the official DJ for Listen Vision’s Engineer/Producer/Artist, G The Mastermind.