The OLM Podcast | Insert Name Here: Episode IIX


“Insert Name Here” is a series focusing on the politics behind closed doors in our nation’s capital and abroad co-hosted by Ian Taronji and Scott Remley.


Produced by The OLM Creative Factory
Edited by Mike Phillipz

Pour One Out For The Homie: Anthony Scaramucci

Mueller Time: Special Counsel Bob Mueller did 2
things this week that were newsworthy (i.e. not fake news):

1. Michael Flynn – first instance of seeking records from the White House

2. Empaneled a grand jury in DC – I’d be shocked if there weren’t some indictments that come of this. Who gets indicted, and for what? Wait and see on future episodes of The Trump Show.

Trans Ban: 2004 called and it wants its phobias back
Defense policy by presidential tweet? Military scrambling to figure out what to do or say, but mostly conclude on “nothing’s changing until there is a thoughtful review and recommendations are made to the CiC.”

Moron or Asshole: Stephen Miller

Favorite Thing I Saw This Week:
Cubs gave a WS ring to Steve Bartmann.

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