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Choppin’ It Up is a series where One Love Massive Studios gets in-depth with movers and shakers doing creative things within the context of music, arts, and entrepreneurship.

This week we have Matthew Cronin: the general manager at Echostage and one of the partners of one of D.C.’s hottest new clubs, Soundcheck.

Matt has been a prominent tastemaker in D.C. nightlife for years – helping usher in dance music in our nation’s capital during the initial #EDM boom forward. He is the general manager at Echostage: one of D.C.’s largest venues which was recently ranked by DJ Mag as the #1 Club in the United States and #8 in the world.

We sat down with him for a two part interview where OLM Founder Molly Ruland conversed¬†with Matt to talk about dance music culture, the scene in D.C. and how it’s exploded, and the importance of how international the community is. You can stream both parts below.


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