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The Metaphysical got hooked on good music from a young age. Working in professional studios since the age of 13 he had a passion for all forms of music and sound. Developing his own sound he released Three records by the age of 19 while studying Recording Arts at Full Sail. Since then he’s been a powerhouse behind and in front of the DC music scene, recording, producing, mixing and mastering for artists like Flex Mathews, Mathpanda, Rosetta Stoned, and Ardamus. His DJing is as unique as his songs. Crafting his own remixes and edits to spin out he makes a unique take on classics, new bangers, and deep cuts.

His current passion is Nu Disco, cranking out monthly edits that makes people all over the world pay attention. You can listen to a whole variety of sounds on his soundcloud page, keep digging cause there is something for everyone.

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