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Last night was the first B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES event in Raleigh North Carolina and from the looks of it, it was a success. Not sure Raleigh had ever seen a production quite like the one B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES put on this weekend. Two days of decor prep went into making the event, along with the coordination of countless talents from both in and out of town. DC was representing proper last night in North Cackalacky and we cant wait to come back for the next one.

The line was up impressive to say the least…

ELECTROCUTE is a versatile performance troupe who bring the visual arts aspect of an event to new heights. They are the official dancers for Jay Shok and the visual darlings of Light It Up Productions. DarkMatter Squad was in the building holding it down as they always do.

DJs included AtomikA– Raleigh, NC, NoisyDubs’ two-man DJ tagteams [Shatta + Rukus & Aggression + Gauntlet] merge to form ‘BEAST MODE’, The Wetsteppers came all the way from Baltimore, MD and fuckin crushed it, AS USUAL, Jay Shok from Philadelphia, PA and
Light-It-Up Productions killed it and was a staple of the night providing sound support and a smile the entire night, Malphunktion, also reppin Baltimore, MD provided some super funky jams but ended the set with some seriously solid D&B for the heads…well done fellas, we really enjoyed that. It wouldn’t have been proper if the legendary 2Rip hadn’t been on the set, he was and yup, he murked it like he always does.

Although we recognize that we are slightly biased …we are still gonna go ahead and say, DJ Throdown was the highlight of the night. He commanded the crowd with his antics on the mic, his scratching skills were off the meter and his entire set was fun. Balloon animals, free rolling papers, a Lil Jon shout out…seriously, it was bananas and it was awesome.

All in all I think B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES will be back again and if they are, we will be there to show some support. Taking a trip out of town is always worth the effort, plus it doesn’t hurt to show the dirty south a lil bit of how “we do”. Well done BADASS, well done.

Check out the pictures from the best in the business: Head Above Heart

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