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Listen to Collective member Ardamus‘ latest album! The 8- track album is a look of how honest people are with themselves; what we stand for and how we want to help others. Using personal reflections about life decisions, choosing what to stand for, and more, Ardamus doesn’t hold back. Delivered in his typical no-holds-barred style, the album is powerful and moving. Here’s what Ardamus himself had to say about the album:

“Some of the topics I cover now are things I more than likely glossed over but didn’t touch hard enough. I had never did a song based on police brutality like ‘Fake Good Guys’. Nor have I really made songs that touch on the evils of politicians/businessmen/trolls who do not care about mankind like ‘God Save Us From These People. And nor have I ever made songs about the spoiled entitlement of stuck-up artists like ‘Canvas’ but I’m glad I explored it with a few collaborators on this project. I named this project in reflection of how honest we are with ourselves as people; even in theory of where we would like to be in life (‘Another Earth’) or a utopia where we are helping constantly helping others (‘Humanitarian’). ‘Reputation’ and ‘Other People’s Success” are the two most artist centered songs I did where the first song is about me looking upon my lineage and along the decisions I have made as an artist to protect what I stand for. The latter, is about the cycle of artists chasing artists to have fans but in the end, you may not get that support. ’12MUCH’ is an ode to over-exhaustion and not having 99 hours in a day to everything you need. All in all, these are topics I dug deep down to be honest with myself about on record more than I have before. No pulling punches or holding back.”

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