Stream Our Latest Factory Floor Session with Denny Soloist


Denny Soloist performs live on the One Love Massive Factory Floor.

It was inevitable that music would make it’s way into his life, the real question is knowing when. None the less destiny was set when he released his debut single “Not Built For War” back in March 2015. Singer/Songwriter Denny Soloist swift’s his way into ears and hearts with his soulful debut EP “Late Nights x Early Mornings”. His tune was found to be unique, a sound you would have listen to in it’s entirety. With a hint of pop, a dab of soul, and topped off with lyrics of frustration, love, pain and lose, we get Denny Soloist.

Factory Floor Floor Sessions feature artists performing live from OLM HQ right in the heart of DC. They showcase the artists across all genres of music, allowing them an open platform for artistic expression.


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