SlamXSounds: A Summer Mix For Winter



Here’s to hoping you survived this week with all fingers and toes intact. This was literally one for the books, and if you’re us, well, let’s just say there’s a Beach Boys song about how we feel right now. Fortunately, we aren’t alone. The good people at SlamXHype are right there with us, and our California dreams.

They’ve curated an excellent spotify playlist, SlamXSounds: A Summer Mix For Winter, to bring those laidback heady summer vybz back into your world God knows, if you can’t have those rays beaming down from the sky, you can at least have them pumping through your soundsystem. This is a hot set from the likes of Beanie Man, Major Lazer, Shaggy, and more. So, grab a couple of plastic flamingos, a sun lamp, a beach town, crank the heat, strip down, hit play on this, and take your mind back to those beachy days.

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