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It’s definitely been a banner year for Team One Love so far, and we just keep upping the stakes. We’d like to formally welcome DC’s best alternative hip hop act, All The Best Kids into the One Love fold. Fusing elements of rap, rock, indie, dance, soul, funk, and whatever else they’re feeling, All The Best Kids aim to make organic music based on where the sound takes them, as opposed to scene and genre prescriptions. And what can we say? So far it’s created some pretty damned great music.

Starting in 2012, and already playing everywhere from The Howard Theatre, Rock & Roll Hotel, Tropicalia, and beyond, this dynamic crew of Cody Valentine, Kristine Teets on vocals, guitarist Will Pierce, bassist Caleb Astey, Pianist Peter Bergen, and Jason Arrol have already left quite the mark on the DMV. Throw in the recent additions of Daniel Schramn, Nate Kauffman and Dan Remer on Trumpet, Saxophone, and Trombone, and you’ve got the makings of a massive music ensemble. We’ve championed their music before, and we can’t wait to see what All the Best Kids have coming up next.

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