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Perception and perspective is evolving and people still care about Atmosphere.  Rhymesayers Entertainment holds a special place in my heart.  Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and Dem Atlas have been on the Fresh Water Fly Fisherman Tour, and I had a chance to shoot the show again at The National in Richmond, Virginia a few  Saturdays ago. “The Atmosphere fan base, ya know, you’re a certain kind of person,” said Slug in an interview about Fishing Blues.

My soul sister Isabel and I packed my car, hit the road to RVA, and made a weekend out of it. You know you’ve found a true soul sister when she has a passion for the underground hip hop music vibe just as hard as you. Just like Slug describes the Fishing Blues album, “we are all always fishing for something – making sure that you’re staying active and doing something outside of yourself.”  This was my second time touring Richmond, but this time fit what I am currently “fishing for” myself as a photographer – and that is grasping true street vibes and I found that capturing the authentic culture of RVA.  I have been fortunate enough to share what I see through the lens with the world.  We collected ideas at vintage shops in Carytown and had a blast trespassing the train tracks downtown.  I got to enjoy a local jazz band after the show Saturday night with Dem Atlas and really get a feel for the downtown RVA scene.  Take away the status, take away the clock, and run as fast as possible into the present moment.  That sums up the weekend perfectly.  Another epic experience of good music, good people, and good times.

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