The Restock: A Sneaker Lifestyle Event



The Restock is an interactive sneaker event for patrons of all ages, attendees range from the ages 9 to 40. The event consists of multiple vendors who sell various items such as Sneakers, Streetwear, Art, and accessories that appeal to the sneaker culture.

The purpose of the event is to curate an experience for sneaker and streetwear enthusiast in which they can safely interact with like-minded individuals allowing us to bridge the gap between the internet sneaker lifestyle and the true raw lifestyle from the streets. There will be a full-service bar and food options are available as well, along with a DJ, raffles, Special guests, giveaways and other added bonuses to come.

Children 10 and under are FREE ALL DAY. All guest are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance to avoid lines. Priority will be given to everyone with printed tickets or an email verification with the scannable barcode purchased before date of the event. You can bring as many shoes AS YOU CAN CARRY IN HAND. (NO SUITCASES, NO CRATES, NO EXCESSIVELY LARGE BOXES)

Each vendor will be provided with a 6ft/3ft table and two(2) chairs for staff. No fake attire of any kind is allowed! all apparel and accessory vendors are welcome. Vendors should arrive between 10:30 am – 11:30 am to set up. Come early to pick a table and specific area to set up.

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Have comments, questions, or concerns, please email or call (703)-732-6507

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