RDGLDGRN gets political with “Opera” Feat. Method Man



Niq Bohr 



DMV Natives RDGLDGRN brought out all the stops this time with “Opera” a politically influenced track feat. One of the greatest rappers of all time; Method Man. As Meth spits “Middle finger to 5-0” which is definitely a statement I can get behind, it seems as if their past Dave Grohl companionship still lingers in their music today. What also lingers is the fact that “I take a win every day I breathe” mentality in the lyrics of the first verse. The recent and overall police brutality, though not “trending” at this very moment, is still a sore subject for our country as well as the struggles of minorities and immigrants currently under the new Trump administration. RDGLDGRN’s member all from different ethnic minority backgrounds that derive directly from immigration to America take all of these issues to heart and are standing up for equality and resisting oppression thru their music, and influencing their fans to do so as well.


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