These Rap Themed TAY HAM Cards Will (Almost) Make You Feel OK About Valentines Day



One of the most dreaded holidays on the calendar is slowly popping its’ head up on the horizon to give a deranged “Hi.” Yes, more shallowly commercial than GIS Day, the candy fueled, thorny, bear of a holiday, Valentine’s Day.

It is truly a day where you either walk home, in complete confusion, with flowers in hand, no matter how hard you swore you were not partaking in this shim sham, or spend the majority of the day wondering if you can commit suicide via diabetic coma in a 24 hour period.

Well, while few things will make the pegging any less painful, these hand-crafted cards by TAY HAM may at least lube the situation up a bit. They feature all of your favorite MC pals giving you some “Hey gurl” (or “Hey guy gurl” wishes. TAY HAM has tossed Tyler the Creator, Lil Jon, Kitty Pryde, Yolandi Visser, Danny Brown, and, of course Jody Highroller into the mix. So, if you’re going in on the 14th, you should definitely come correct with this TAY HAM goodness…

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