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Chadwick Alexander 


 Its always good seeing your homies from your home town doing their thing and leveling up. Shea has always been into filming and making random skits for shits and gigs but he’s now taking a much more serious approach with these recent visuals. We sat down at Songbyrd Music House for some coffee earlier in the week to discuss his latest “Purple Shadow” and here’s what he had to say.


Shea – Our new visual Purple Shadow was very spontaneous but instinctively put together by a whole of three Artist, who all  got a chance to dabble with the paintbrush. Induhgo in which came through on this project with his majestic style creating the Instrumental, which makes the song creating process a lot easier for myself (Shea), for those that know me, know I really enjoy telling stories and his instrumentals really speak to me a lot faster than what i typically would hear from a producer. Then comes into play, our FAVORITE Videographer/Director/Visionary JP Israel. JP and i woke up the morning of the shoot at the cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with me honestly not knowing what the video was going to even be about (if you have seen our video “Nightown” you’ll know why I never even bother to be up his a** about it) but I trusted JP to deliver something great as always. But myself and JP woke that morning and literally he created this video in his head going from shot to shot all the way to the ghostly scene. Leaving this off with some words from the set
“Listen bro, I think in this scene i’ma have her disappear through the door” – JP Israel

But like Nightown, the Purple Shadow visual is a journey we want y’all to take on your own and have your own interpretation or perception. I feel we left it wide open for anticipation. – Shea x Induhgo


As well as film production Shea is all an artist, producer, and studio engineer running his own studio at the moment, keep up with Shea and his crew by following their YouTube Channel and enjoy these dope visuals.




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