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Premiere: Not.Alone – ‘Black Delorean’ EP


Black Delorean

Here’s some dope tunes for your Friday (and beyond)…a new three-track offering titled Black Delorean from Not.Alone. A breakdown from the group is below:

Not.Alone is a Maryland-based music collective consisting of three musicians. Rapper/producer Nomad the Native, Singer/songwriter Marc Amour, and multi-instrumentalist DÆTA bring together their favorite genres — Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B, Indie/Alternative and Soul — to create a chimera of music. With very little music released thus far, the release of Not.Alone’s Black DeLorean EP marks the first complete expression of the groups skill sets. Conceptualized, produced, written, and recorded entirely in-house, the Black DeLorean EP is like a thought experiment in how the guys view the past, the future, and the ways we use our time purposefully.

Check out Black Delorean, available via all streaming music platforms.


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