Phillin D. Blanks: The DiploRaff Decent Remixes



The Phillin D. Blanks series blazes on, with Team One Love’s Ardamus dropping the newest installment, The DiploRaff Decent Remixes. With this, he’s fused acapellas from Mad Decent’s Diplo and Riff Raff with his own unique soundscapes. Once again, Ardamus explains the further idea here:

The purpose of Phillin D. Blanks is to provide a part of the remix where an emcee/DJ/vocalist can join in on the song if they choose

What you end up with here are a lot of very familiar hooks, now serenading hazy, experimental beats with an somewhat backpack flavor. These might not set the dancefloor on fire, but oftentimes, that’s absolutely fine. These tracks utilize that classic sampling styles to throw in bits of funk, jazz, psych, and more, often to very epic surprising heights. For example, the Diplo & Lil Jon – You Really Do Like Me (Martin vs. Pam Remix), turns the overly used I don’t like you; you don’t like me hook into a very refreshing psych/jazz jam, replete with break rolls, flutes, and other-worldly choral parts. Overall this Phillin D. Blanks session is very creative and versatile; it’s some of the best work of the series yet.

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