Reflections On Teaming Up With RedBull and Flying Bach


Chadwick Alexander & Marcus K. Dowling

When we were approached about partnering up with Red Bull and their forthcoming Flying Bach event to curate performance pop ups throughout the area, our Talent Director & Chief Operating Officer Chadwick jumped on the opportunity. As an 80’s culture aficionado and former b-boy hopeful, the Flying Bach concept’s tagline of “where breakdance meets classical music” excited him. As a live presentation, Flying Back showcases Berlin, Germany’s World Champion Flying Steps b-boy crew visualizing Johann Sebastian Bach’s The “Well-Tempered Clavier” in a creative performance that combines classical music and urban culture. In doing so note by note, and step by boldly combining piano, harpsichord and electronic beats, it’s incredible.

One Love Massive’s role in the promotion of these four performances at the Warner Theatre included the daunting task of assembling a crew of local b-boys and musicians to reenact the show on a smaller scale in various locations such as Dupont Circle, The Reagan Building, and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Luckily, Chadwick stumbled upon a musical company titled Counter Classic which consists of classical and jazz musicians, visual artists, as well as djs and they proved to be the perfect match. Master flutist Sofia Hailu, electronic music producer Evilartform and pianist Chris Astilla quickly figured out what was sonically required, and went above and beyond and have created stunning orginial work merging electronic break beats coupled with pieces from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

Insofar as breakdancers, it was after viewing a post from Malik the Drummers on my Instagram timeline and seeing Stephon Shakespeare’s signature hand stand push ups, and Jose “Akuma” with his Latin flavor which inspires a spellbinding head-spin technique that the dance team for the project came together. Adding on talents like super-animated crowd-pleaser DaQuan “DQ” Williams  and new age-inspired Germal “Sync” Morgan, and the crew was complete.

We’ve finished our performances, and are now leaving the “heavy lifting” to the World Champion Flying Steps. Tickets for Red Bull’s Flying Bach at The Warner Theater, are still available and with four dates booked between January 6-10, there are multiple can’t miss shows available.

Photo cred: Kate Toth

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