I am Obsessed With Toxic Sickness Radio



-All words by Denman

So, being a person whose fingers dabble in all corners of the musical sphere, people always ask what I’m listening to. And, typically, I’d have some pretty cutting edge answers. But these days I find myself working on my own audio projects, and working my ass off when I’m not. So, I feel at a loss for what’s “new” and “hip” these days. I mostly fill my ears with mixes and paranormal/horror podcasts.

But with that former in mind, I’ve incurred a curious obsession. I could not, for the life of me, point to the place on the doll where I first discovered it, but ever since, I’ve been listening to mixes from Toxic Sickness Radio with a level 11 fervency. It’s fifty-fifty, the strangest bed fellow, and fifty-fifty perfectly understandable. What Toxic Sickness promotes is Industrial-Hardcore, Hardcore-Techno, Gabber, Frenchcore, Terror, Speedcore, and Crossbreed. Don’t worry, if you only know a few of those terms, I was the same way at first too. But being someone who is both into extreme music, and painfully ADHD, I found these were perfect for working, and from there seeped into all aspects of life.

I traditionally thought of these as European-centric sounds, that when exported to the US, were mangled by lowest common denominator forrest raver trash. But, I don’t care what gaze that may cast upon me; I just can’t get enough of these hyper-bpm, bit-crushed beats.

My tastes, in particular tend to favor terror and speedcore, with a specific zeal for the combination. From what I gather, terror is like a more intense viral strain of hardcore, and speedcore, well, I’ll let you do the math on that one. These hit so hard and are so merciless, that they match the inside of my brain perfectly. Here is a fantastic example:

Ooooh, how tuff is that? I find that the Hardest Alliance tends to put solid mixes together here.

Another sub-style I find myself gravitating towards is Industrial hardcore. This, in many ways, is the opposite of Terror/Speedcore. Here, the DJ’s take the same intensity and subdue it with more orchestrated dynamics. Sounds sweep epically through the ether. Here’s a great example by the always solid, RAGNAROK.

Outside of that it’s just a ton of hardcore:

Gabba (Gabber, M8)

And, yes, even some Frenchcore (Which, I’ve discovered is maybe not my favorite…But if you love mid-00’s heavy electro, woah buddy will you love this.)

In conclusion, with nothing but love and respect for Toxic Sickness Radio, I have no idea what brought me to this place. But sure enough, it seems like I need my fix of sounds that would eat happy hardcore for breakfast, at least once a day. Maybe it has something to do with the merging of the extreme analog music scene hitting the electronic world head on, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyone in the states knows that the next wave of sound flooding is hardtyle. Regardless, I cannot live a life in denial:

I love Toxic Sickness Radio


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