A Night In The Life #3 — David Guetta @Echostage, 3/4/16


on’s A Night In The Life series focuses on encapsulating the vibe, emotion, feel and funk of the Nation’s Capital by using photography to capture not just the events themselves, but also the organic personalities of the people, places and venues that define them. In doing this, we discover the true flavor of Washington, DC in the current era.

Photos by Renita Clarke
Words by Marcus Dowling


By all measures David Guetta is in an elite class of dance music superstars who sell out venues at the mere mention of their name. Though his career was built in the Parisian rap-dance underground, his mainstream acclaim sees him spinning in arenas, stadiums and massive venues with impressive light shows and sound equipment that transforms songs into moments, anthemic jams into once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. For years in Washington, DC, it’s arguable to say that while Guetta sold out shows in the Nation’s Capital, as a city we weren’t giving him the type of setting befitting his excellence.

Guetta’s an avowed fan of DC as a city that’s passionately supported his rise. Now, with a venue like nearly four-year old Echostage, DC dance fanatics are now treated to hearing Guetta in a 30,000-plus square foot room that has top-tier sound design, LED visual displays and laser light shows. One look at the photos from Guetta’s March 4 set provide a glimpse at a globally renowned DJ/producer/artist who appreciative that he’s finally being showcased in a space in a city he appreciates in a manner befitting his considerable professional stature.






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