Nguzunguzu’s Video for “Mecha” is Pure Schizophrenic Sci-Fi Adrenaline



Nguzunguzu are back with another excellent excellent EP of ominous and progressive beats, under the title Skycell. The grimey thumper Mecha just received the video treatment, and damn is it a doozy. Director Jude MC explains the process that went into this project as such:

“By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the culture surrounding technological advancement and the mechanization of earth. Through time, we will see if life imitates art along the path of what is prophesied in these films, in the meantime they are certainly entertaining to watch.”

How does this play out you ask? The reality is a play against the slow, sparse, and minimal beats of Mecha with a hyper-speed onslaught over ever shifting split-second clips of sci-fi imagery. It creates a landscape that locks the brain and hypnotizes the viewer. It’s truly a trip you have to experience.

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