News @ Noon: Proposed Streetcar rules on H Street Could Ban Bikes


Well that’s no good. Our friends over at the Washington Area Bicyclist Association alerted us to a major concern for bikers over the proposed rules for the new Streetcar on H street. One sentence in the proposed regulations is the cause for concern:

“The following acts are prohibited at any time: […] Riding a bicycle within a streetcar guideway, except to cross the street.”

Now obviously street cars pose legitimate hazards to bicyclists, but perhaps banning bicycles all together is not the correct solution. As the Washington Area Bicyclist Association has pointed out, this rule would contradict DDOT’s own “Complete Streets” policy which states:

“All transportation and other public space projects shall accommodate and balance the choice, safety, and convenience of all users of the transportation system including pedestrians, users with disabilities, bicyclists, transit users, motorized vehicles and freight carriers, and users with unique situations that limit their ability to use specific motorized or non-motorized modes to ensure that all users, especially the most vulnerable can travel safely, conveniently and efficiently within the right of way.”

Cities across the world have figured out methods to accommodate both streetcars and bicyclists, and D.C. can figure it out too!

Help keep the streets of D.C. open and accommodating to all! Let’s continue to show and enact one love, especially on the road. Take action here!

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