LISTEN NOW: New One Love Massive Exclusive Mix From Andy Grant



One Love Massive

This all vinyl mix is from DC House Grooves founder and Body Werk resident Andy Grant.

As per usual, Grant appears to effortlessly create a seamless blend of danceable sounds from the left-of-center to the mainstream in his latest mix for our website. Clocking in at just over two hours in length, the mix starts off in a deep Afrobeat-influenced vibe, then veers towards techno, and finally “surfacing” somewhere in the deepest of house vibes.  If looking to take a long journey into the heaviest of vibes, this one is well worth hearing.

“I’d had a lot of new music come in recently, and figured the best way to get to know the tracks was to record them so I could listen to them in the car. I hit record and put the first record on, not planning on mixing the tracks, but then I kinda got into it, ending up recording this two hour mix. Completely unplanned and unedited, this one takes you to some interesting and unexpected places, with tracks from the likes of Janeret, Move D, Rick Wade, Carlos, Lopaski, Leo Gunn, Jonno and Tommo & DJ Metatron, to name a few.”

– Andy Grant


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