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Friend to One Love Massive and incredible, multi-faceted talent JDVBBS has delivered his most emotionally-charged work of art yet — the 5-track EP 1000 Couches, which features a beautiful ode to his mother titled “Everything You Gave To Me.” The release floats between Pop and R&B and is centered around “self-discovery via reflecting on my deepest desires and tumultuous relationships.”

Below, we’ve provided a stream of the new EP, a visual for the aforementioned track and — in his own words — a synopsis of the release:

September 2016 was probably the lowest of the low for me career-wise. I was sleeping on an air mattress in an empty room, barely able to make ends meet, when I came across a few looping videos on YouTube. I immediately grabbed a new midi keyboard with the last few dollars I had and began writing probably my most emotional and vulnerable song. It’s a song about my mother, outlining my vow to never give up and to do anything I can to make her proud. It’s called “Everything You Gave To Me”. In a way, the lyrics of the song gave me the strength to truly look inside and find out what separates me from everyone else musically. I began writing what would turn into an EP called “1000 Couches”.

February 9th was my mother’s birthday, and I put out a live performance video of me performing it at her old work desk during a videoshoot for the same song. I’ll leave links to both videos below. It’s both an ode to the mistakes I’ve made, as well as a hypothetical conversation with my mother telling me to get my shit together.


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