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MUSIC ON THE MASSIVE: Grindstone’s New Album – Impermanence


Collective member Grindstone just released his new album IMPERMANENCE.
Grindstone was driven to create this album expressing the irony of his acceptance to impermanence itself:
“Impermamnence is the state of flux in which all things exist, but few people seem to consider. The need to possess often plagues the human experience experiment. Pain, joy, physical attributes, success, stability, the planet, etc. are all impermanent things. Despite the fleeting nature of our lives, our moments shape us and are to be experienced wholly. This is the confusion that holy religions often attempt to mask, but it’s the clarity that many ancient spiritual and existentialist practices embrace.
 Education, media programming, and parenting are often angled to solidify our comparative positions in society to mimic a sense of permanent status. Perhaps there’s something natural about the inclination to do so, but there is indeed an inherent fear of inevitable change.
The cover art expresses the emotion that comes with growing pains. The metallic colors, black background, and gold tear symbolize the burgeoning fortunes that lie behind the darkness of the realization of impermanence.”
You can find the full album at:
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