Music on The Massive: “13” Full Length album from JusPaul and Kid Cannibal


Chadwick Alexander & David Everett

Singer JusPaul and producer Kid Cannibal just dropped a new collaborative album! “13” is a full length album that effortlessly blends funky rhythms and bubbly beats with pop and R&B sensibilities. “13 is a different sound from anything I’ve done …it is a peek at what I possess inside this musical hopeless romantic heart of mine. It’s a fusion of R&B, Funk, Jazz, and House”  said JusPaul. “I’m chasing love into outer space! ????”

The amazing singing abilities of JusPaul are complimented throughout the album by the excellent producing from Kid Cannibal. As he can attest to, such a great partnership can be hard to come by. “It’s hard to find other artists that “get” your particular artistic vision, and are actually talented (haha) so I was excited to work with him throughout the process” admitted Kid Cannibal recently. “Paul and I met through mutual friend Ethan Spalding (#TRF) maybe about a year, year and half ago, and we just started making music together. I played a bunch of beats and Paul just got it immediately, we would have times where Paul would write 2-3 songs on the spot in the session and record them.” And the result is an amazing thirteen track album that will grab your attention throughout. It’s a modern masterpiece, and the result of a really talented partnership.

And KidCannibal agrees. “I think we put out a good album that touches a lot of musical ideas here. The problem with putting us in a box is that I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and I think the project reflects that. We’ve got some disco-infused tracks, some Caribbean vibes, some modern R&B and some EDM all in the mix.”

You can stream the entire album below. If you want to download or stream through your preferred player, check out the album’s official website.


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