LISTEN NOW: One Love Massive Playlist 003: Music-As-Unity



Every so often here at One Love Massive we’ll be dropping Spotify playlists curated by our team. This week’s collection comes from our intern, Duke University’s Daniel Blue.

Here’s how Playlist 003 came together:

I have not been here at One Love Massive a full business week, but I have come to truly understand the mission statement of One Love Massive from my short time here. Music and the arts can cross language, racial, and cultural barriers.

Throughout the week a lot has happened. More black lives have been harmed. There has been intense media coverage of Donald Trump becoming our nations president. On top of it all the Republican National Convention is overshadowing a Fox scandal, that is ultimately about women not being given the option to stand up for themselves in a world controlled by men. While so many instances arise to divide human beings, OLM wants to bring them together.

My experience as the “black kid” at a predominately white private school has shown me that music is one of the few ways to reach out to people who I disagree with politically or even socially. Those few moments in being able to talk about a song or a band is an uplifting experience.

Over the past week I have set down and thought about songs that captured my feelings toward being in the city, a very unusual environment for a suburban bred nineteen year old. The playlist has been influenced by my parents and their groovy pop music, that I will never admit that I actually appreciate, and the Nü Disco music that is so heavily influenced by 70’s and 80’s disco. I thought about how I could connect with all different types of people, young and old, through an hour and a half compilation of songs that expressed the vibe that I felt here. So, I came up with this…

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