LISTEN NOW: Grindstone’s Debut Full-Length Album “Lyrical Selfies”


David Everett

When not busy being the creative force behind the successful lifestyle and clothing line, Grindstone is busy making music. “Lyrical Selfies” is his debut full-length album. Musically, stylistically, and content-wise it is a journalistic interpretation of his viewpoint of city life. The album feels haphazard and spliced together in the best way possible; a collection of little intimate pieces of a much larger narrative. It feels very much like a personal journal. And that is exactly what this project is: an honest and sometimes harsh journal entry.

What’s so fun about “Lyrical Selfies” is that it’s haphazard journal entry-like feel it is masterfully woven together. Whether its soulful trumpet or a jazzy flute each song has relaxed, head bobbing undertones that make each individual track instantly replay-able. From “All in” to “Some Thangs” each track has things to say. The ideas and moods of the project are fleshed out with the additions of some incredibly talented artists. Featuring such esteemed musicians as Muneer Nasser (trumpet), Yarbrough Charles Laws Jr. (flute), Ian Taronji (guitar), and Philapodamus (upright bass), the album has an organic feel that is contagious and relatable. The entire project is full of different styles and sounds, but at the core of everything is Grindstone. His vision, flow, and ideas are the glue that holds it all together.

In addition to his own voice, the vocal features of Frankie, Laroo tha Hard Hitta, Alison Carney, Candace Mills, and Adam E. add melody and life to the picture that is being painted. The vocal and instrumental features also serve as a simultaneous showcase of D.C. artists. It’s not only the journal entry of one person – it’s a musical journal entry of the collaborative spirit and musical skill that permeate every corner of the Washington D.C. creative community.

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