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One of the last times I remember seeing Latyrx (Lyrics Born and Lateef The Truth Speaker) was back in the early 2000s when the whole Quannum Projects crew came down to perform at the 930 Club. Being that I was always a big fan of the then called Solesides crew, previously, I had to see the whole collective in their form. The main things I remember had to have been the following: Blackalicious does amazing job with A2G live, DJ Shadow is actually a monster whenever he replays his beats you might have heard on one of his many solo albums, Joyo Valrade has one of the most beautiful voices, the Lifesavas crew was truly a surprise, and Latyrx has to be one of the most amazing duos in hip hop. Having that said, I enjoyed hearing the tunes of “Lady Don’t Tek No” and any of the “Muzappers” mixes. From hearing the very rapid fire raps from Lateef to the melodic deliveries presented by Lyrics Born, they have created some gems for the ears to enjoy.

Fast forward to 2014, they have their new album out together entitled “The Second Album” on their own imprint, Latyrimid, and now are touring the US. Howard Theatre was gracious enough to book the Bay-Area based duo being accompanied by the opening sounds of Fort Know Five on 6.26.14. I was late to the show to be honest but I did catch the beginning of the set where Fort Know Five played a good amount of grooves to warm the crowd up for the main act as the smoke filled the stage to create a mysterious scene. Afterwards, a special treat from DJ ZU was in place to take over the speakers. He played a very eclectic mix of 90s hip hop and R&B that created the perfect blend to keep those in attendance interested.

Before Latyrx takes the stage, drummer Wilcox Mitchell and DJ Zeph take the stage to go back and forth between each other to gather the crowd around. DJ Zeph will play a nice familiar hip hop groove and let Mitchell proceed to drum away with some fierce talent. A few moments later, Latyrx takes the stage and controls the crowd effortlessly. It was as if they never left or missed a beat when it comes doing the music. Granted they have both pursued other avenues with music (Lateef released some solo projects as well as Lyrics Born), their chemistry as a group was still intact as it ever was. My personal highlight was being able to show them that I had copies of “The Album” and “The Muzapper Remixes” and getting a shoutout from them both. From performing some newer stuff folks may not be familiar with to tunes that people know, there is no secret they have the talent to always keep their core fanbase and continually expand on it. And if wouldn’t be a Latyrx show if they did not perform their mindblowing “Latyrx” song where they both rap at the same time to start off the show. Overall, they ended everything on a good note and proceeded to shake hands with fans, sign autographs, and sell merchandise. With that said, I hope to see that Howard Theatre or even another venue brings them back for another performance.

All words by Ardamus

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