The Lab Cypher Clip w/ SirEU, Michael Legend & Shawn Sky


Also check out the ‘No More Than 4s’ segment of this cypher here.

A clip of the MC fury that ensued this episode….this week with SirEU, Michael Legend, Shawn Sky. Check out the full episode for all of the goodies let’s get into the mind!!!

The Lab is a weekly hip hop video podcast broadcast live Thursday night 12:30 am from the One Love Massive creative factory in Washington, DC. Veterans and newbies from the DMV in the rap game come to showcase their freestyle skills with Tos the host and 06Chris the lead scientist. We get to know the rappers and challenge them with different games and tests, then it’s an all-out freestyle cypher session! Each week, one of the rappers is dubbed “Master Chemist” which one will bring the most potent concoctions?

Bringing back the vibes the rap show that the city needs!


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