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After The Strawberry Girls show at the Canal Club in RVA I was able to sit down with Bassist Ian Jennings and guitarist Zachary Green to pick their brains a bit and learn a little more about their band and shit like that.


1. Have you guys ever been featured on any radio or TV before? If so, what was your favorite?

Yes, we were most recently featured on the Last Call with Carson Daly back in February and also in November last year. We’ve also been featured on various smaller internet podcasts and radio stations over the past few years but the Carson Daly show was definitely our favorite radio/television experience so far. It’s a really cool experience being able to turn your TV on and see your band playing, knowing there are lots of other people watching who have no idea who you are and are all experiencing something you created in that moment. We’re super grateful for that experience and hope we get more amazing opportunities like that in the future.

2. What was your favorite album to make?

It’s hard to say which album was collectively our favorite to make. American Graffiti was probably the most intensive and took the longest to write and record but it was a fun process making it back in 2015. The new Italian Ghosts LP is definitely our proudest accomplishment thus far and has a lot of really cool parts we enjoyed experimenting with in the studio. Overall, we’ve loved the experience and the challenge of making all of our albums, but the Italian Ghosts LP we released this year is probably what we would consider our favorite so far.

3. What’s the inspiration behind “Vanilla Rainforest?”

Vanilla Rainforest was actually one of the first songs Zac and Ben wrote when they first began jamming before I was a member back in early 2011. It appeared on our first Italian Ghosts EP that same year and we performed it live for about a year afterwards before we began writing new songs for the French Ghetto LP. When it came to rerecording the new Italian Ghost LP last year we really wanted to stretch our wings and bring out the full potential of the song which we felt we weren’t able to do on the first EP. We wound up adding a lot of synths and keyboard parts as well as developing part of it into the following track on the album “Thank God.” In the end we were all really happy with how it turned out.

Musically, Vanilla Rainforest was influenced by dub reggae and Afrobeat kind of stuff. Also hip hop and dance music, like Dead Prez and Daft Punk. It’s a big weird mix of genres. I think it was the second song we ever wrote.

4. I’ve enjoyed listening to your collaborations with other musicians. Are you currently collaborating with anyone?

Not as a band at the moment but all three of us individually are usually collaborating with friends and other musicians at any given time. Zac Garren has a project he is currently working on with Sarah Glass who was featured on our last two albums and Ben Rosett is planning on writing more songs with Brandon Ewing and Kurt Travis with their project Eternity Forever. I’m also planning on collaborating with a few friends this summer on a solo project I’m working on. We are planning on writing a full Strawberry Girls/Kurt Travis EP at some point in the future as well as featuring more friends and vocalist on our next full length.

5. How did this most recent tour come about? How did you and Comrades get the ball rolling? It’s a cohesive group of bands and all sounds compliment each other. Would love to know more on how you all got things rolling.

This current tour was mostly the result of us, our label (Tragic Hero) and our booking agency (Artery Global) feeling we as band had the momentum to embark on our first headlining tour. We wanted to wait a few years until we had a couple tours as a supporting act under our belt and feel confident we had enough of a following to put together a great tour for our fans. Comrades was one of the bands that offered to support us when we were putting this tour together. We really liked their music and felt they had great momentum from their last tour with Norma Jean and He is Legend, needless to say, we were really excited to have them join us on the road. Belle Noire was also a band we wanted to bring along since we’ve played several times with them and really like them both as friends and as a band. It was also great to bring them along since their lead vocalist Joey Lancaster is a close friend of ours and has collaborated with us on a couple songs such as “Gospel” and “Step into the Light.” It’s been a great privilege to have him sing “Gospel” with us each night this tour.


I totally enjoyed meeting these dudes, hearing their sound, feeling their presence, and their aura and cannot wait until our paths cross again.


-Kate Toth


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