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A few weeks ago, I packed up my truck with one of me newest addition to the squad, Eric Reeves and road tripped it down to RVA ( Richmond Virginia ) to see The Strawberry Girls play at The Canal Club. Eric had seen them play previously at a show in New Orleans awhile back and sent me the obligatory Spotify share of their album, American Graffiti. This album sent my mind off to the furthest galaxy in the Universe…Yes, it sure did!! And every time I listen to them I take that trip to that same galaxy and head bang all the way there. Now that I’ve had the chance to see them perform live myself, I was able to capture their crazy and mysterious grooves through my lens. We got the chance to meet up with the band before the show, took some photos around downtown Richmond, and I also got the chance to interview the band. Their bassist Ian Jennings is also a photography head so we had lots to chat about which was amazing. The supporting bands also kicked ass, The Comrades and Belle Noire  I caught up with them after the show to shoot the shit and pick their brains, all were some amazing people. I cannot wait until the next chance I get to see the Strawberry Girls tear shit up again. Many days after the show I found myself in deep meditation, swooning from beat to beat. If you’re hot for new music, definitely give them a listen. 

PS: Be on the look out for my length interview with the guys!


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