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Joyner Lucas Continues to Show Power in Words with “I’m Not Racist”


Make no mistake: Massachusetts emcee Joyner Lucas has already garnered a pretty high level of respect for his music and visuals, both of which are more conceptual and thought-provoking than much of the Hip-Hop taking over the airwaves right now. Case in point: “Ross Capicchioni,” which delivered the story of the song’s namesake from the shooter and the victim’s frame of reference, and — more recently — “I’m Sorry,” which centers upon depression and suicide. There’s plenty more where that came from, too: this past June saw the release of his big label debut 508-507-2209.

This week, Joyner ups the ante with a brand new track titled “I’m Not Racist,” which continues his pattern of delivering multiple perspectives on a single song. This time, it’s between White and Black in today’s America: in the clip, we see your typical Donald Trump supporter (complete with Make America Great Again hat) and a young African-American youth seated face-to-face. Each party present gives their take on racism (and why they’re not racist, hence the title) in an increasingly heated and emotional discussion about welfare, Trump/Obama, black-on-black violence vs. police brutality and even Eminem’s appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. In the end, both sides are seemingly able to build a bridge for better understanding.

Check out “I’m Not Racist” below (and support by picking up the single via iTunes). Hopefully, art like this will continue to really open some eyes to the consequences of prejudice and hate in this country.


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