Jam Out And Escape The Bullcrap With This Lo-FI Jam From Witch Coast


Chadwick Alexander & David Everett

With all that’s going on in the world today we all need some type of escape and release from the bullshit. What better way to do so then jamming out to some Lo-fi punk music! D.C. Natives Witch Coast provide just the thing with “Burnt Out By 3pm.” Released in 2015, it  gives you all those feels you need when you just wanna go into a crowded room and scream “ FUCK!!” But since that is generally deemed strange and weird and not encouraged by society,  just turn the music up in your heads phones up. Go ahead and give you best Joe Bradley (Black Lips) rendition while your friends/co-workers look at you like you’re crazy! Listen, like, share, and enjoy. 

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