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“Insert Name Here” is a series focusing on the politics behind closed doors in our nation’s capital and abroad co-hosted by Ian Taronji and Scott Remley.


Produced by The OLM Creative Factory
Edited by Mike Phillipz

Donald Trump: Racist…?

We go over Donald Trump’s alarming lack of tact and history with racism before becoming an elected official and how it’s effecting policies moving forward: the inference that his father, Fred, was involved with the KKK; settling with the DOJ over accusations of housing discrimination; and his presidential campaign which reinforced stereotypes and cultural bias against Mexicans, Muslims, and women.

Trans Ban: 2004 Called and It Wants Its Phobias Back

This is part of Trump’s “base play,” now that he’s been blocked and rebuked by “establishment” Republicans. But is there even majority support for this policy in the states that he won? WaPo analysis suggests not. What is the likely outcome? You’d think status quo would hold, but Donald ultimately makes the call and he is … unpredictable.

Favorite Thing I Saw This Week

Ian’s band, the Lucky So & Sos, performed at the world renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C

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