Howard U. Students Protest Amidst Financial Aid Scandal, Tyrone Hankerson Responds


It’s clear that the student body at Howard University are tired of their school’s administration. Since the latest “incident” (the revelation that student employees — and possibly the administration, and more — were giving themselves, erm, healthy amounts of financial aid funding), HU students are now in a three-day sit-in at their school’s administration building, and many are calling for Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick’s resignation (among other demands).

So, following past reports of heating issues and sexual assault complaints (and more), how did we get here? Check out an excerpt from an anonymous, now-deleted Medium article in regards to one such student-employee who’s currently being hung to dry by Black Twitter:

Between 2014 and 2017, another financial aid student-employee, Tyrone Hankerson, was repeatedly awarded a $65,000 “University Need Based Grant.” In 2014, Hankerson was awarded another $22,683 scholarship, labeled as a Mock Trial Scholarship. Sources who have been involved with the mock trial, including past leadership, say the team has never awarded a scholarship of that amount and wouldn’t even have had the budget to accommodate a scholarship of that amount.

Also during that aid year, Hankerson received a $6,000 “study abroad scholarship,” another $5,645 university grant, a $21,000 “Trustee scholarship” and multiple other atypical financial aid awards totaling $429,612 over 4 years.

He routinely received financial aid awards that doubled and even tripled the maximum allowed budget. In addition to money received via financial aid, many familiar with the situation claim that Hankerson also received stipends for unspecified amounts from the Office of Student Life & Activities and the Student Employment program.

In regards to Hankerson, he recently connected with Roland Martin in an attempt to clear his name (the video starts about 15 minutes in):

Very interested to see how this plays out.


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