Healing The Artist


Healing the artist is a monthly workshop & discussion group, hosted by centered around healing the artist that resides within us all.

This month is special, because there will be 2 meet-ups.

The regularly scheduled HTA Workshop will be held on Sunday July 23rd at 7pm (the evening of the new moon). This month the overall theme is Perspective. First, we’ll talk about Artistic Trauma. We’ll discuss the spaces in our past that have shaped the way we relate to art in the present.

Next, we’ll talk about Projection. We’ll explore the ways we use our story telling abilities to distort the reality around us, and how it affects the way we see our own creativity.Finally, we’ll discuss the lifelong spark called Intuition, how do we remember to follow it, and why do we so often dismiss it for another’s opinion.

The second event is a special hands on creative workshop at Salon De Libertad, my collective’s annual art show! This will be held on Saturday July 22nd. There will be an interactive art exhibit all day, and a face to face workshop at 4pm.

Remember, there is no ‘right’ idea, only different perspectives. Any and everyone is welcome to attend either or both of these events and  Encouraged to bring any art you’ve created that you feel like sharing.

Details for Salon De Libertad can be found here:

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